Re: [css-backgrounds] Standardize "background-clip: text"

On 03/21/2016 06:33 PM, fantasai wrote:
> Yeah, the WG resolved on adding -webkit-background-clip: text to the
> fill/stroke spec as an obsolete feature. But we didn't discuss adding
> the unprefixed version.

If there's any ambiguity about whether unprefixed "background-clip:text"
should be supported, let's please get that resolved soon, then.

(If the CSSWG doesn't intend for "background-clip:text" to be valid,
please provide clarification on how "-webkit-background-clip:text" would
be expected to have any effect at all... and how "background-clip" /
"-webkit-background-clip" should interact, since clearly they wouldn't
be true aliases in that case.)

(IMO, any sort of a hackaround to make this a "prefixed-alias-only" sort
of feature would be too complex to be worth it, both from a spec
perspective & from an implementation perspective.)


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