Re: [css-2015] Pre-CR Unprefixed Features

On 03/21/2016 09:05 PM, fantasai wrote:
> Per snapshot, we recommend releasing unprefixed features once the spec
> has reached CR or the WG has given special permission.
> I'm thinking we should make a list of such items, so that there's
> clearer communication about what's considered stable enough to release
> in regular release channels vs not.
> So far, per WG resolution, Animations, Transitions, Transforms, and the
> min-content, max-content, and fit-content keywords are on this list.
> We might consider also putting all of CSS3 Text on the list, given we've
> agreement on just about everything and it's just late getting to
> publication as CR. Are there any others I missed?

:dir/:lang were added to this list in Santa Clara


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