[CSSWG][cssom][cssom-view] Updated WD of CSSOM and CSSOM View

The CSS WG has published an updated Working Draft of the CSS Object Model  
(CSSOM) and the CSSOM View Module:


The CSSOM specification defines APIs for Media Queries, Selectors, CSS.
The CSSOM View Module defines APIs for reading and manipulating the  
layout, scrolling, window size and position, etc.

Some APIs in CSSOM that have not been widely implemented have been  
removed; alternative stylesheet APIs, pseudo(), cascadedStyle, etc. In  
CSSOM View a new API document.scrollingElement is added to help authors  
avoid relying on which of <html> or <body> reflects the viewport for  
.scrollTop et. al.

Significant changes are listed at:


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For the CSS WG,
Simon Pieters
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