Re: [css-grid] 'auto' track min-sizing

On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 1:50 PM, Mats Palmgren <> wrote:
> I'm updating Gecko to the latest spec changes for 'auto' track
> min-sizing and I noticed a difference between how items contribute
> their size when span=1 and span>1.
> The spec text used to be the same, e.g. in this old version:
> (Compare "For auto minimums" under bullet 1, with 2.1)
> The spec text for 'auto' under 2.1 is still the same in the latest
> version:
> The text for span=1 under bullet 1 has changed substantially though,
> and thus items now contribute sizes differently when span=1 and when
> span>1.
> Is this difference intended?  Or did you just forget to update 2.1
> when making the changes under bullet 1?

It looks like we just forgot to update 2.1 when we updated 1.3,
because the callout for "auto" is less obvious.  fantasai, can you
confirm this?


Received on Monday, 14 March 2016 21:50:06 UTC