Re: [css-sizing] Why is fill-available not definite?

Please disregard the "Also" paragraph, I was looking at an old version and
this has been fixed in

But the main question still stands.


On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 3:50 PM, Christian Biesinger <>

> Hi there!
> According to
> definite sizeA size that can be determined without measuring content;
> that is, a <length>, a size of the *initial containing block*, or a
> <percentage> that is resolved against a definite
> <> size.
> That does not include the intrinsic sizing keywords. If nothing else,
> shouldn't fill-available be definite?
> Also, the part about percentages is not correct because children of an
> abspos element can have resolved percentages no matter how the parent's
> size is computed (
>, which this
> section does not mention. Is this not a normative part of the spec?
> -Christian

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