Re: [css-tables] New table specification in development, what the goals for this spec are

> On Mar 8, 2016, at 01:15, Greg Whitworth <> wrote:
> While we’re completely aware that there other UAs that support and render CSS, the purpose of picking up this spec is to allow browser vendors to achieve interop due to the current web environment stated above.


> I’m glad you asked, here is the process that Francois and I have been taking:
> * Find a hole in the spec
> * Write a bunch of tests and test them in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge to see what the various browsers do (these will ultimately become some of our tests for REC)
> * If there is consensus document that as the standard
> * If there is not consensus but the majority match, make this the standard
> * If there is an even split, document the one that makes the most sense and get working group consensus
>                 + This may be changed in the future, as the sane result may not be the most web compatible

When browsers are interoperable, that's what the spec should say, even if non browser UAs go in a different direction. With few exceptions, market pressure makes it the only possible choice.

On the other hand, when there isn't interop between browsers, I think it would be valuable to give some weight to other UAs as well. They may tilt the balance one way or the other, and in some areas may have better implementations that can give insights as to what the best solution is.

 - Florian

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