[css-grid] editorial: flex item/container typos

One bogus occurrence of "flex container" in:
"The display value of a grid item is blockified: if the specified display 
of an in-flow child of an element generating a flex container is an 
inline-level value..."

Three bogus occurrences of "flex item" in:
"5.3. Flex Item Margins and Paddings"
"Percentage margins and paddings on flex items can be resolved..."
"Authors should avoid using percentages in paddings or margins on flex 
items entirely"

(Please make sure the link on the last two is corrected too.)

One bogus occurrence of "flex item" in:
", and how the rest of this algorithm deals with the generated flex items"
(in step 0. I think I pointed this out in a previous post though)


Received on Wednesday, 2 March 2016 23:25:08 UTC