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[css-page] control space before element depending on page position

From: Christin Götz | pagina GmbH <christin.goetz@pagina-tuebingen.de>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 09:25:55 +0200
To: www-style@w3.org
Cc: Tobias Fischer | pagina GmbH <tobias.fischer@pagina-tuebingen.de>
Message-ID: <0220e836-a507-1141-c3b3-661de91e1f32@pagina-tuebingen.de>

I’m working in book industry and my daily business is to set up CSS for 
paged media. I have come across some shortcomings with the CSS paged 
media specs recently and want to let you know about this:

In the CSS Paged Media Specification I'm missing a property to control 
the "space before" an element (like a heading) depending on the current 
rendering position on the page.

For example: in CSS I define a "margin-top" for headings:

     heading {
         margin-top: 2em;

However, the "margin-top" should NOT be applied when the heading is 
rendered as the first(!) element on the page to assure that there's no 
additional spacing rendered at the beginning of the text box.

This use case is an important and daily requirement in publishing 
industry. Thus, it would be great if a CSS property to control the space 
before an element will be added to the CSS spec in future.

Kind regards,

Christin Götz
Content Engineer

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