Re: [css-text-4] Option for 'true' alignment with text-align

On 10/23/2013 15:03, L. David Baron wrote:
> describes the
> concepts of 'safe' and 'true' alignment.
> The 'text-align' property defaults to 'safe' alignment.  I think it
> would be useful to add an option for 'true' alignment.
> Syntactically, I think this could be done by adding an optional
> 'true' keyword that could come before or after the current value
> space of the 'text-align' property.  I think this would be a useful
> addition to css-text-4.
> The use case I heard was that it would be particularly useful when
> combined with 'text-overflow: ellipsis', when showing data where the
> end is more important than the start.  For example, a constrained
> space showing a phone number, where the end of the number might be
> considered more important to show than the start, could be aligned
> as 'text-align: true right; text-overflow: ellipsis' so that any
> overflowing phone numbers would have the start of the number
> overflowing (e.g., "0016177616200" being shown as "...7616200").
> -David

So, was this ever added to the spec?  I can't find it in css-text-3
or -4.  (I guess the keyword should be 'unsafe' now though)

FWIW, we have an implementation of this in Gecko (disabled by default).
We're (still) interested in having this feature added to the spec.


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