Re: [css21][css22][css-tables][css-break][css-page][css-multicol][css-regions] repeating table headers and footers

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016, at 05:21 AM, Florian Rivoal wrote:
> When a table is fragmented over several fragmentainers (pages,
> columns...) should table headers and footers be repeated?
> CSS2.1 is the only spec I know of to speak about this[1], and it doesn't
> actually decide:
> > Print user agents may repeat header rows on each page spanned by a table.
> > Print user agents may repeat footer rows on each page spanned by a table.
> First, I don't think we behavior should depend on categories of UAs
> (print vs non print).
> Second, this is not clear whether this should also apply to
> fragmentainers other than pages, introduced after CSS2.1.
> And last, I am not too happy about this being up to the UA. If anyone, it
> feels like something that should be up to the author.
> As far as I can tell, today:
> * Firefox, IE, and many print oriented formatters do repeat the
> headers/footers on page breaks
> * Webkit, Blink, and Vivliostyle don't (but we're considering switching).
> * Some print formatters also repeat on column breaks.
> As browsers are inconsistent with eachother, I doubt we have a web compat
> problem. Since repeating table headers and footers on a fragmentation
> break is generally a useful thing, I suggest we make a normative
> requirement and say that UAs must repeat header/footer rows when a table
> spans a break.
> Summary:
> 1) Can we agree table headers and footers must be repeated by default
> when the table spans a fragmentation break?

I sure hope so. Judging by the popularity of the relevant browser engine
bugs, authors strongly desire this feature in the browsers that
currently lack it:
* (1147 stars)

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