[css-text] text-justify

Currently, the draft gives the values `inter-word` and `inter-character` as possible values for `text-justify`. These are both great options to have, but only being able to use one at a time seems to be restrictive. It could be of great benefit to allow these to vary not only individually, but in a ratio to each other.

I would like to suggest `justify-word-spacing` and `justify-character-spacing`, which would be positive integers like the `flex-grow` property. This would make it trivial to add extra parameters to the specification—such as `justify-character-stretch`—should it become a needed feature. In addition, it would also extend these rules to match the flex specification, allowing shrinking of word spacing, and a basis for word spacing.

— Jacob

Received on Thursday, 14 January 2016 15:25:38 UTC