[css3-transitions] Should transition-property: color cause transitions on other properties using currentColor?

In this example[1], when an element has a transition on the color 
property only, changing that property also causes a transition in any 
other properties using currentColor in Firefox and Chrome et al. 
Notably, this cannot be disabled by specifying that property with a 
duration of 0s - it can only be disabled by changing that property to a 
value other than currentColor.

IE and Microsoft Edge apply the change to those properties without a 
transition unless they are specified in transition-property. This is the 
behavior I expect, but whose behavior is correct?

[1]: https://jsfiddle.net/kpk5debr/

     div {
       color: cyan;
       border: 10px solid;
       transition: color 3s;

     div:hover {
       color: magenta;

Daniel Tan

Received on Friday, 8 January 2016 17:21:30 UTC