Re: [css-counter-styles] Any chance of requiring a -- prefix on the names?

On 02/23/2016 04:42 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> I noted in a recent thread that the allowed name syntax for
> @counter-style rules was a mistake - allowing them to fill the same
> namespace as normal keywords meant I have to keep an (updated) list of
> disallowed keywords, and do some funky things in the spec to handle
> collisions with existing names.  If I'd written the spec today, I'd
> have required that the name be a <custom-ident> and start with --, so
> it's easily distinguishable from anything else.
> Currently, only Firefox implements @counter-style, but it's been
> implemented since v33 afaict.  Does anyone (Xidorn?) know the usage
> here, and is able to comment on whether such a change would be
> feasible?
> Alternately, would the group be okay with changing the syntax to
> <custom-ident>, even if Firefox has to, for legacy reasons, support
> the wider syntax for some period of time (possibly indefinitely)?

I'm not convinced we should make this change. @counter-style follows
the same pattern as @font-face names, animation names, counter names,
namespace prefixes, etc.

Given that, I think it is better to leave @counter-style syntax alone.


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