Re: [Font Loading] FontFace's Attributes

Myles C. Maxfield:
> When FontFaces are added to the Document's FontFaceSet, a layout may
> occur at any time which triggers these FontFaces to be load()ed.
> This layout uses the FontFace's attributes (family, weight, etc.) to
> discover which FontFaces need to be load()ed. However, during the
> load, script may change attributes of these FontFaces so that they no
> longer match what the layout requires. Instead, modifying FontFace's
> DOMString attributes should be a no-op (possibly additionally throwing
> an exception) after the FontFace has been load()ed.

What’s the difference between modifying a non-CSS-connected FontFace
object’s descriptor attributes and modifying an @font-face rule’s
descriptors in a style sheet, while the font is loading?  Since you can
make those changes to the @font-face rule (and you will see those
changed descriptor attributes on the corresponding CSS-connected
FontFace object) I don’t see a particular need to disallow this.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Saturday, 6 February 2016 04:49:50 UTC