Re: [css-text-decor] Emphasis marks and font variant


Two things should happen when applying the 'ruby' GSUB feature. One is to get the substituted glyphs, which are specifically tuned for ruby use. For some fonts, such as Adobe-Japan1-4 and greater Japanese ones, the 'ruby' GSUB feature will return different glyphs. For other fonts, such as Kenten Generic, it's a no-op because the glyphs are already tuned for ruby use. The other thing that needs to happen is for the client to scale the glyphs, usually to 50%. This is outside the scope of the OpenType 'ruby' GSUB feature.

Anyway, to answer your question, I think that the answer is yes. For some fonts, different glyphs will be returned (Adobe-Japan1-4 and greater), and for other fonts, the feature is not supported, which results in a no-op (Kenten Generic). In both cases, the glyphs, whether substituted or not, need to be scaled.


-- Ken

> On Dec 22, 2016, at 11:48 AM, fantasai <> wrote:
> Hello Ken and John,
> Xidorn raised an interesting question: when rendering emphasis marks
> (bouten) using a given font, should the OpenType 'ruby' feature be
> activated? (There is no way in CSS to assign font features only to
> ruby, so the answer here is either always yes or always no.)
> Thanks~
> ~fantasai
> On 11/23/2015 09:55 AM, Xidorn Quan wrote:
>> The current spec says:
>> Emphasis marks are drawn exactly as if each character was assigned the
>> mark as its ruby annotation text with the ruby position given by
>> text-emphasis-position and the ruby alignment as centered.
>> And in CSS Ruby Layout module, there is rule in UA sheet:
>> "font-variant-east-asian: ruby;". Should this font variant also be
>> applied to the emphasis marks? The current spec seems to answer yes
>> unintentionally.
>> I think the spec should make it clear whether the emphasis marks
>> should be drawn in ruby variant.

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