Re: [css-ruby] The default value of ruby-align is undesirable for bopomofo

From the Sydney minutes[1]:

> fantasai: 1) Change initial value to center. Reset it for Japanese
>               to be space-around in the UA stylesheet.
>  fantasai: 2) Keep it as space-around, reset it for Chinese to
>            center.
>  fantasai: 3) Have a value that does custom justifications - auto -
>            which justifies between Han and Kana, and not between
>            bopomofo.
>  fantasai: Spec is currently 2.
>  fantasai: But multi-word ruby you may not want to justify spaces,
>            so maybe 1 or 3 is better.

I do not understand this…can you explain a bit more?

>  fantasai: It seems only Han/Kana should be justifying.
>  TabAtkins: 1 seems simple then.
>  SteveZ: 3 is the classic way we do it, but it requires magic.
>  fantasai: I don't think 3 is too magic, but 1 is definitely
>            simpler.
>  fantasai: Main concern with 1 is "do we have a concern with legacy
>            untagged content?"
>  SteveZ: 3 is script-based.
>  SteveZ: Why is 1 better?
>  fantasai: Simpler. 1 is just a 1-line fix to your UA stylesheet; 3
>            is effectively a new justification algorithm.
>  TabAtkins: Can we just do 1 unless we see evidence of breakage in
>             the wild?

All pages with ruby and without lang will break.

>  fantasai: Dunno what Koji wants. Let's do 1 unless Koji dissents.
>  RESOLVED: Either option 1 or 3 for ruby-position, at editor's
>            discretion.

So, not 1 please.

I think the question is how to justify Bopomofo, rather than the default value of ruby-align.

This real-world page[2] indicates that Bopomofo is a space-delimited scripts, so I'm guessing we do not want justify between Bopomofo, similar to Korean, where Hanja justifies between letters while Hangul does not.

I would love to see if there were any real example of justified Bopomofo, but IIUC Richard has been trying that without success, even for single example.



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