Re: "fast vs complete" is "SAX vs DOM"? and the IDs?

On 3/9/15 5:24 PM, Marat Tanalin wrote:
> As for your examples, the estimation I've requested is about a common/average case

OK.  Some more data: ~3e3 elements. Might depends on the size of your inbox, but for me
            right now 2.7e3 elements.
CSS Selectors level 3 REC: 2e3 elements.
Empty Google Docs spreadsheet: 3e3 elements. 3e2 elements 
41e3 elements. 
39e3 elements 1e3 elements 3e3 elements 5e3 elements

For what it's worth, slow-selector issues have come up before on github 
pages; see for an 
example.  That link is now 404, but based on comparing to the jQuery 
pages I doubt it was more than 10e3 elements.


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