Re: [css-cascade] bikeshedding "default"

> On 26 Jun 2015, at 23:46, François REMY <> wrote:
>> I quite like rollback. 
>> Also agreed that unset is probably a better name, but taken.
>> I would suggest we avoid hyphenated names for global keywords, they’re a bit clumsy. 
>> Other ideas: clear, remove, cancel
>> I think it would also be useful to consider what’s the actual
>> impact of changing cursor: default instead. I would argue
>> it’s not used that much explicitly (I bet most uses of cursor
>> property are to set it to anything *other* than default), and
>> in many cases the value it resolves to would be the same
>> under both. Also, any breakage would be pretty minor, not
>> just rare. Can we get any data?
>> ~Lea
> Contrary to what the name implies, "cursor: default" is not the default cursor of the browser but of the OS. This is a huge difference because the default cursor over text is a beam cursor in a browser, not a default cursor.


> I find myself frequently using "cursor: default" in addition to "user-select: none" to avoid confusing the user.

You'll probably be interested in this:

 - Florian

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