[web-animations] Request to publish another WD of Web Animations

Dear all,

The editors of the Web Animations specification would like to publish
another Working Draft based on the current Editor's Draft.[1] A (rather 
long) list of changes is included at the end of this mail.

We plan to publish on July 2 unless there are any objections.

Best regards,


[1] http://w3c.github.io/web-animations/

The following changes have been made since the 5 June 2014 Working Draft:

* Rewrote 1.1 Use cases to provide specific code examples and describe
   scenarios that do not involve using timing groups which have been
   deferred to a subsequent level of this specification.
* Added definition of unresolved time values.
* Introduced document timelines.
* Renamed "not started" timelines as inactive timelines.
* Renamed animation players to animations (what were previously referred
   to as animations are now keyframe effects).
* Made the animation sequence number increment on each transition out of
   the idle state (not on creation).
* Made the association between an animation and a timeline
* Removed the concepts of effective timeline time and effective
   current time.
* Renamed the source content of an animation (previously, player), to
   its target effect.
* Removed the non-normative description of seeking behavior.
* Added the current finished promise and current ready promise objects
   to animations.
* Modified the procedure to finish an animation so that pause state is
   not changed by finishing.
* Added animation play states.
* Removed player events.
* Rewrote most of the algorithms for animations to accommodate
   asynchronous play/pause/reverse operations.
* Renamed animation nodes to animation effects and what were previously
   known as an animations to keyframe effects.
* Removed the start time specific to an animation effect since it is
   always zero in the absence of groups effects.
* Removed the term "inherited time" since, in the absence of animation
   effect-specific start times, local time is equivalent to "inherited
* Renamed the "time fraction" to iteration progress.
* Deferred group effects (previously known as animation groups) to
   a subsequent level of this specification.
   Deferring this feature also lead to the following simplifications:
   * Deferred the animation effect-specific playback rate since it was
     considered to be not particularly useful without group effects and
     potentially confusing (since animationss also have an animation
     playback rate).
   * Removed the "repeated duration" definition since it is redundant in
     the absence of the animation effect-specific playback rate.
* Renamed intermediate animation values to effect values.
* Added the concept of animation types and clarified prioritization in
   a way that can be easily extended by CSS Animations and CSS
* Removed motion path animation effects since this functionality can be
   achieved using the Motion Path Module.
* Deferred custom effects to a subsequent level of this specification.
* Defined that unresolved time values are represented by null.
* Added the DocumentTimeline interface.
* Renamed the getAnimationPlayers method of the AnimationTimeline
   interface to getAnimations().
* Made the getAnimations() method on the AnimationTimeline and
   Animatable interfaces return all animations that are either current or
   in effect.
* Moved the play() method of AnimationTimeline to a subsequent level of
   this specification.
* Renamed the AnimationPlayer interface to Animation.
* Updated the Animation interface:
   * Added the Animation() constructor.
   * Made startTime nullable.
   * Added the playState member and corresponding
     AnimationPlayState enum.
   * Added the ready and finished Promise attributes.
   * Removed the paused and finished boolean attributes.
   * Removed the onfinish attribute.
   * Renamed the source member to Animation/effect.
* Added a read-only version of interfaces for animation effects and
   related interfaces as follows:
   * Animation effects are now represented by the AnimationEffectReadOnly
   * Animation effects are now represented by the KeyframeEffectReadOnly
     and Animation interfaces.
   * Keyframe effects are now represented by the KeyframeEffectReadOnly
     and KeyframeEffect interfaces.
   * A number of references to Animation and KeyframeEffect have been
     updated to refer to their read-only equivalents since the read-only
     interface is the super-interface in each case
* Fixed the grammar for <cubic-bezier-timing-function> to match CSS
* Introduced the ComputedTimingProperties dictionary and
   AnimationEffectTimingReadOnly interface.
* Moved computed timing from AnimationEffectReadOnly to
   a computedTiming attribute of type ComputedTimingProperties.
* Removed the player attribute from the AnimationEffectReadOnly
* Exposed the iteration progress (was "time fraction") to script as
* Made the procedure defined in '5.10.2 Processing a frames argument'
   throw an exception if the keyframes are not loosely sorted by offset
   or if there are any keyframes with an offset outside the range [0, 1].
* Removed paced as a valid value for KeyframeEffect's spacing attribute.
* Added PropertyIndexedKeyframe as a convenient way of specifying a list
   of property values.
* Added an opaque, immutable representation of SharedKeyframeLists.
* Added special handling for animating SVG's offset attribute on stop
   elements by using the "svgOffset" property name.
* Removed the MotionPathEffect interface now that motion path animation
   effects have been removed.
* Removed the getCurrentAnimations method from the Animatable interface
   (which returned what are now called animation *effects*).
* Rewrote the section previously titled, "Script execution and live
   updates to the model" as the much simpler '5.21 Model liveness' since
   many of the requirements there can be implied from requirements

Received on Thursday, 18 June 2015 07:24:38 UTC