Re: [css-variables] Why we can not use 'var()' function for normal property

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 3:45 PM, Fran├žois REMY
<> wrote:
>> > I'm just going to point out this is a false problem. I already proved
>> > a perfectly fine solution to this problem existed, which had no
>> > evaluation-order dependency, and which could be executed in parallel
>> > like a charm. I even provided an implementation and a complete demo
>> > for people to try out. This was three years ago.
>> There is no solution to this problem that doesn't break pages as we update
>> the language and add new implicit dependencies between properties.  This is
>> an unsolvable problem.
> [1] The problem I claim to have solved is not that one, but the one Boris and Marat were arguing about.

They're discussing one aspect of the problem; it's more complex than
that, and solving just one of the aspects still leaves you with an
unusable solution.

> [2] We had this discussion so many times we should make a meme about it. var(...) is replaced by the cascaded value, not the used value, so there is no "implicit" dependency between any property at this point. This is exactly similar to using a dummy variable to contain your value, except you don't have to, which (1) makes your code easier to read, (2) allows you to reuse existing css code/libraries. See Lea's email.

There are a lot of computed-value dependencies too, so I'm not sure
why you think this addresses things.


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