Re: [css-logical-props] additional logical values for caption-side

On Saturday 2015-07-04 00:33 -0400, Gérard Talbot wrote:
> I have no idea what 'top-outside' and 'bottom-outside' (and their logical
> correspondent: 'block-start-outside' and 'block-end-outside') mean or refer
> to; as far as I can see, they behave just like top and bottom. Could you
> provide me a link to a document that explains 'top-outside' and
> 'bottom-outside' values and I'd be happy to include those values in my
> tests.
> There is no documentation about 'top-outside' and 'bottom-outside' values at

They do roughly what 'top' and 'bottom' did in CSS 2.0 (rather than
2.1), but with some corrections.  The main difference is the width
of the caption being largely independent of the width of the table,
and resulting changes in the horizontal alignment of the caption and
table.  (There might also be differences on whether the left/right
margins of the caption are inside the table's left/right margin.)

The working group resolved to add them to CSS in:
to resolve Issue #182 in:
as is noted in:


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