Re: [css-text] css letter-spacing should affect tab stops

> Though it's worth noting that the current spec computes tab stops
> based on the characteristics of the block, not based on inlines
> within them.

> If we want to change that, I think we should change it wholesale,
> and not have it one way (use inlines) for letter spacing and the
> other way (block characterisics only) for everything else (fonts).

I missed the beginning of this conversation under a different subject 
line, so forgive me if I am not understanding correctly. I just want to 
register that a traditional typographic perspective would view tabs as 
something that applies at a level above letterspacing, i.e. at the page 
or text block level, and should be independent of relationships within 
strings of tab-offset characters. So if I have two lines of text 
involving tabs, I would expect the tab positions to align regardless of 
whatever mix of letter-spaced or non-letterspaced strings occur within 
those lines.



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