Re: CSS Localization

I'd be more comfortable to sort out what's needed to be localized more
throughly, discuss how many lang/locale we need, and define attributes or
CSS properties as appropriate.

There's a question whether UA should localize default labels of buttons
(such as Submit/Cancel) according to the system locale, I18N WG is working
on that including how to prevent breaking the web, and that discussion
covers date formatting I believe. Editing TF is discussing whether keyboard
should be changed to the locale specified by the lang attribute[1]. CSS has
some features such as justification or underline positions affected
automatically by the lang attribute.

I guess I18N WG is the best place to discuss across WGs and make
recommendations. I'm not in sync with the discussion these days, but please
help their discussion if you can.



On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 12:55 AM, Cameron Jones <> wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 5:09 PM, Bjoern Hoehrmann <>
> wrote:
>> * Cameron Jones wrote:
>> >The implementation of localization within browsers uses the platform
>> locale
>> >for any localization of pages. This leaves no potential for configuring
>> >localization either to enable a locale override or to enable multilingual
>> >documents to exist.
>> It would be terribly confusing if some parts of an en-us page would use
>> en-gb or even de-de formatting without extremely clear indication, so
>> this sounds rather unlikely to me. As a user I would not even know what
>> any given browser installation considers my "platform locale" to be. If
>> I visit a en-us page in a en-us browser set to prefer en-gb content on a
>> de-de Windows system, it'd be rather unpredictable how to inrerpret any
>> possibly localised content.
> I think this is why the status quo has been to use the platform locale by
> default. This provides the most consistent user experience across all
> pages for
> default OS and browser installations.
> In your example, because you had set the browser locale to en-gb all
> localization would use that setting. That seems rational to me.
> I'm not expecting the status quo to change and for web sites to all start
> overriding the platform locale to create confusing experiences - but in
> the
> case where a user wants to view a specific page in different locale i
> think that
> sites should be able to use the same HTML content consisting of form
> inputs and <time>, etc.
> The scope for a confusing user experience would be limited to explicit
> code on
> individual sites - so they would have created the problem themselves.
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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