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[css-position] 'left' & 'right' over-constrained

From: <leif.na@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2015 09:14:47 +0000
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 Dear working group,
I found that it's weird between the description in the eighth paragraph of section 6.1.  Relative positioning and the followed EXAMPLE 2. 
Here is, cause 'one of them has to be ignored', but in the case 'left' wins, the 'right' becomes -'left'  instead of ignored. So, is it an self-contradictory or confusion error in describing?
And here, in the EXAMPLE 2, the three 'direction' should NOT appear here but appear in another rule to constrain the right containing block, established by the nearest ancestor block-level box, which did'n appeared in this example, should it? Cause the 'direction' you mentioned belongs to the containing block of the relatively positoned elements, according to the definition of containing block, that must is the nearest ancestor box, instead of the 'div.a8' itself(themselves). So, the presence of 'direction's in the EXAMPLE 2 is inopportune. If my understand is right, I suggest you can add a note of assumption first.
For your information, the key words above are: 'ignored', 'containing block', 'direction'.
Leif Na
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