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Fwd: Re: Bopomofo light tone mark on the Web

From: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2015 18:04:21 +0000
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To: public-i18n-cjk@w3c.org, www-style@w3.org, Patrick Chew <patrick.chew@gmail.com>
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Subject: 	Re: Bopomofo light tone mark on the Web
Date: 	Wed, 4 Feb 2015 09:05:00 -0800
From: 	Patrick Chew <patrick.chew@gmail.com>
To: 	Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>

Hello, Richard -

(1) I haven't been able to find any documents yet that provide guidance
for text stream storage of the light tone, but all things considered I
would imagine the light tone following the same pattern as that of the
other tones (initial, rhyme, tone).

(2) Despite the above statement, it seems that official educational
documentation corroborate prepending the light tone marker :

"Vertical phonetic marking is marked on the top ; horizontal phonetic
marking is marked preceding."

"Phonetic marking of tone uses LǏ Jǐnhuī's proposal: when writing
vertically, the tone mark is marked to the left of the initial [and]
rhyme ; when writing horizontally, the tone mark is marked on the upper
left. As for the 'light tone', when writing vertically, it is placed at
the top[most] ; when writing horizontally, it is marked on the
left[most]. The "light tone" only makes a character 'lightly read'
(without tone) and normally speaking, it is not listed amongst the four

No reference(s) for trailing display.

(3) Found a site from Taiwan that auto-prepends light tone marking:


section [中文轉換注音]

test items were:
兒子 : expected = érzi (érzǐ is acceptable, but marked)

爸爸 : expected = bàba (bàbà is acceptable in spoken Taiwan Mandarin)
媽媽 : expected = māma (māmā is acceptable in spoken Taiwan Mandarin)
石頭 : expected = shítou (shítóu is acceptable in spoken Taiwan Mandarin)

筷子 : expected = kuàizi
他們: expected = tāmen




section [漢語拼音轉換注音符號]

érzi > ㄦˊ˙ㄗ
tāmen ㄊㄚˉ˙ㄇㄣ
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