Re: [css3-ui] incorect paragrah in the definition of the resize property

On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 8:33 AM, Florian Rivoal <> wrote:
> Amongst other things, the section about the resize property
> ( says this:
>   The precise direction of resizing (i.e. altering the top
>   left of the element or altering the bottom right) may depend
>   on a number of factors including whether the element is
>   absolutely positioned, whether it is positioned using the
>   right and bottom properties, whether the language of the
>   element is right-to-left etc. The precise direction of
>   resizing is left to the UA to properly determine for
>   the platform.
> This is incorrect.

It's not incorrect, it's merely advisory information ("may") and
pointing out details that implementers should consider. Details that
we may also reflect in tests, but it's good to note such aspects in
the spec first, at least to provide a hint for what should or could be

> While it does vary based on a number of
> factors, what happens when you change the width is not left
> to the UA, but fully defined by regular CSS layout.

Yes the factors mentioned are aspects of CSS layout and I'll mention
that explicitly.

> What is
> left to the UA is how it should convey that, for example by
> displaying the resize handle on appropriate side of the box.

Or sides of a box. Or just by cursor changes. Or some other means of
resize indication that is unique/constrained to the platform that we
don't know about. That's the kind of detail I want to avoid specifying
because historically it has varied greatly by platform (e.g.
touch-based UIs changed a lot of this).

> We could simply delete this paragraph entirely, but I
> think it is useful to give a hint to UA implementors that
> they may want to adjust how/where they show the resize
> handle, so I think it would be better to fix it to turn it
> into a recommendation to be smart about the resize handle.

I disagree - unless there is a proposal from a browser implementer
(someone actually implementing resize) about specifying such an
implementation and platform specific detail.

However your point about "defined by regular CSS layout" still stands
so I'll make adjustments to the current text accordingly. That's a
good catch.



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