Re: W3C can say (?) what an ID means to CSS4, in the fast profile context

On 4/8/15 11:42 AM, Reece Dunn wrote:
> 1.  Shouldn't the fast profile give an example ("For example, the
> element.matches() method defined in [DOM] can use the 'fast'
> profile.")?

element.matches() can use the complete profile, actually.  This is why 
the names suck.

I like the 'static' vs 'dynamic' proposal for renaming these things. 
'fast' == 'dynamic' (i.e. your match result set has to respond to DOM 
changes), 'complete' == 'static' (i.e. you match once and are done).

> NOTE: These changes use the DOM APIs described in the introduction,
> for the node-based (matches) and DOM traversal (queryAll) use cases.
> This helps clarify the intended usage.

The intended usage is that all the DOM APIs use the 'complete'/'static' 
profile and selector matching for purposes of CSS styling uses the 
'fast'/'dynamic' profile.

> Q: Should the DOM functions be `querySelectorAll` instead of
> `queryAll` and `querySelector` instead of `query`, as I cannot find
> query/queryAll in the referenced DOM spec?

See and


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