Re: W3C can say (?) what an ID means to CSS4, in the fast profile context

On 8 April 2015 at 14:58, Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:
> On 4/8/15 7:29 AM, Reece Dunn wrote:
>> Assuming that you just have the DOM data structure in memory, you have
>> an in-order traversal of the DOM.
> Stop right there.
> You're solving the "here is a selector, find the nodes it matches" problem.
> The "fast" profile is meant to solve the "here is a node, find all the
> selectors that match it" problem, since the latter problem is the one
> relevant to CSS styling of a DOM.

Oh, okay. That was not clear in the original email and the Selectors
Level 4 specification indirectly implies this (the fast profile
mentions it is applicable everywhere and the complete profile mentions
it is applicable to the `query()` method):

1.  Shouldn't the fast profile give an example ("For example, the
element.matches() method defined in [DOM] can use the 'fast'

2.  Shouldn't the example in the complete profile be changed to "For
example, the document.queryAll() method defined in [DOM] should use
the complete profile."?

NOTE: These changes use the DOM APIs described in the introduction,
for the node-based (matches) and DOM traversal (queryAll) use cases.
This helps clarify the intended usage.

Q: Should the DOM functions be `querySelectorAll` instead of
`queryAll` and `querySelector` instead of `query`, as I cannot find
query/queryAll in the referenced DOM spec?

- Reece

> I suggest you think carefully about how you would implement the "id selector
> only matches the first node in the DOM with that id" behavior in the "here
> is a node, find all the selectors that match it" problem.
> -Boris

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