Re: [css-pseudo] feedback re "highlight styling" issues 2 and 3

Re: Issue 3:

It occurred to me that text-transform would be a great property to include
in the "3.2. Styling Highlights" list.

Specifically, for a particular use case (though there are undoubtedly
others); A heading/title has text-tranform: uppercase; by default. When a
user selects the text for copy/paste, it gets copied in upper case. Having
the option to set text-transform: none; on ::selection would be a win.

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 3:17 AM, Cameron Lakenen <> wrote:

> See:
> *ISSUE 2 <> says "Active
> vs. inactive selections are often styled differently. Currently no way to
> distinguish."*
> Has anyone considered writing some language for ::selection being used in
> conjunction with :window-inactive? I actually couldn't find a
> reference/spec for the window-inactive pseudo-class anywhere, though....
> Here's a bit of info I found:
> *ISSUE 3 <> says "Are
> there any other properties that should be included here?"*
> I have a use case that would be made much simpler if I can change the font
> of a ::selection pseudo-element. I don't clearly understand the reasoning
> for severely limiting which properties can be used to style highlights. Is
> there any documentation on this? Is there any reason not to include other
> properties, such as font-family, font-size... etc? The only thing I can
> think of is swapping the font or changing the size might be confusing to
> the user doing a selection. However, that should be left to the app
> developer to decide, in my opinion.

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