Re: [css4-ui] Styling the caret

I feel like a simple 'caret' property would hinder future additions to 
caret customization, and a 'caret-color' would be more appropriate. 
Including two other related properties which came to mind, I'd propose 

Name: caret-color
Values: <color>

Name: caret-style
Values: line | block | underline

Name: caret-width
Values: <length>

These 3 properties could then be combined in a shorthand very similar to 

Name: caret
Values: <caret-width>|| <caret-style> || <caret-color>

On 18/08/14 22:23, fantasai wrote:
> Is there any reason why this shouldn't be 'cursor-color'?
> Given that the 'cursor' property is what provides the
> caret shape.
> (A related question would be whether 'cursor' should then
> split into a shorthand of cursor-color and cursor-style.)
> ~fantasai 

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