Re: [css-animations] Proposal for animation triggers, timebases and additive behavior

The basic idea seems very good.

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:58 AM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:

> animation-trigger
> -----------------
> Name: animation-trigger
> Value: auto | scroll(<snap point> [, <snap point>]+)
> Initial: auto
> Inherited: no
> Animatable: no

This inherits the CSS snap-points draft's weak handling of element-relative
positions. This bothers me because element-relative scroll positions should
be the norm, not the exception, both here and in CSS snap-points.

That aside, if we allow element-relative scroll positions here (and we
should!), then we have a circularity problem where an animation can affect
the position of an element and also be controlled by the position of that

One solution would be to abandon animation-trigger as a declarative
property and instead require scripts to turn animations off and on in
response to scroll events, perhaps via Web Animations. I wonder what the
impact of that would be. Note that many uses of animation-trigger could be
rewritten as an always-on animation that's a complex function of the scroll

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