Re: [css-flexbox] Alignment differences should depend on wrapping not # lines

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:15 PM, Daniel Holbert <> wrote:
> This change seems fine to me.
> IIRC, think the point of the existing behavior was to make
> multi-line-with-just-one-line flex containers behave the same as
> truly-single-line flex containers, for consistency's sake. For example,
> in a flex container that just has one flex item, it would seem silly for
> "flex-wrap:wrap" to change the layout, since clearly no wrapping can
> happen when there's just one item.

Yes, this behavior was an intentional change, requested by Alex Mog
back when he was an editor.  I thought it was weird, but whatever.

> However, I think you're right that it's probably more important to make
> wrappable flex containers consistent on their layout/sizing behavior,
> regardless of whether they end up needing to wrap or not, to avoid a
> weird & surprising discontinuity when the last wrapped item stops
> needing to be wrapped, in scenarios like the wide-monitor one you
> brought up.



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