[css-flexbox] Alignment differences should depend on wrapping not # lines


   # The align-content property aligns a flex container’s lines
   # within the flex container when there is extra space in the
   # cross-axis, similar to how justify-content aligns individual
   # items within the main-axis. Note, this property has no
   # effect when the flex container has only a single line.


   # When a flex container (even a multi-line one) has only one
   # line, the cross size of the line is the cross size of the
   # flex container, and align-content has no effect.

This makes the alignment behavior of flex items depend on whether
the content wraps. So, for example, if an author wanted to center
all the items with 'align-content: center', and assumed that they
would wrap, and I happened to open the page on a really wide monitor,
or there were fewer database items than the author tested, suddenly
the items would no longer be centered.

We should fix this by making the alignment behavior depend on
the value of 'flex-wrap', not on how many lines were in the
flex container.


Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 05:41:40 UTC