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Return to first, Many kind of Korean document are Hangul only document.
and, W3C Requirements for Hangul Text Layout and Typography[1] document's
many type of examples are Hangul case.
Hangul + Hanja case is rare and it will be much rare as time goes on.

and I think,
  0.  서울특별시(서울特別市)는 한반도 as
  1.  서울특별시(서울 特 別 市 )는    한반도 is not bad.
I can read this sentence and that's not broken as i think.


2014-10-25 1:34 GMT+09:00 John Cowan <>:

> Koji Ishii scripsit:
> > fantasai believes that doing bad Hangul-Han mixed justification is
> > critically important to fix, critical enough to chose in-between, which
> > sacrifice everyone by a little.
> If that is true, then it seems irrational, because hanja are rare in
> Korean text except for certain kinds of documents (scholarly articles,
> legal documents, older books, news articles, personal cards), as far as
> I understand.
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