[css-line-grid] line snapping under box layout constraints

Hey all,

A while back I added some examples to line-snap on what should be done to
snap lines when their block is centered or bottom-aligned. I’ve added some
normative text to the draft now that should cover those cases (and others):

An element can have additional block layout constraints
(such as centering or 'box-snap')
that can complicate line snapping.
In these cases, implementations must produce
the same result as the steps below:

- Line snap as if the layout constraint does not apply

- Apply the layout constraint to the block

- Adjust exactly one line box shift
or space at the beginning or end of the block
such that all of the snapping lines meet the line grid
while maintaining the block layout constraint.
The single adjustment chosen must be
the smallest shift needed to achieve the result.




Received on Friday, 17 October 2014 17:33:16 UTC