[css-shapes] Basis shape serialization


The CSS Shapes specification defines parts of the serialization process for basic shapes[1]. It relies on the grammar of other specifications for <border-radius> and <position>. My question is about inset() and <shape-arg>{1,4}.

The spec says “omitting components when possible without changing the meaning”.

Following example:

	inset(0px 0%)

The meaning in this case would be the same if you leave out the percentage value. However, Chrome and WebKit still preserve the percentage value. I am working on a implementation of basic shapes for Gecko and currently it preserves the percentage value as well. I think it is reasonable because percentage can mean something different if there is a different context (in some cases like CSS Transforms and SVG). However, I would say that the implementations do not follow the wording then.


Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 19:15:57 UTC