[css-flexbox] editorial nits

None of these are substantial, ignore at will.

The "skip past the following" link should probably link to the next
section instead of skipping over it.

Why is there an <hr> in section 4.1? The sheep confused me.

I first read the two instances of "and is that size" in section 4.5 as
clauses to the preceding if statements. It might be better to recast these
as "is X if Y, otherwise it is undefined"

Given the possibility of negative leftover free space, you could change
"empty space" to just "space" in the definitions of justify-content:center
and align-content:center.

There are a bunch of unlinked instances of ‘cross size’ and ‘main size’
and one unlinked ‘flex base size’ (I didn’t check any other terms). I’m
not sure if it’s really important to add more links, since I could always
see a linked instance near by an unlinked instance.



Received on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:09:20 UTC