Re: [css-text] Re: Follow-up on Balance Text Proposal

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Bobby Mozumder <> wrote:
>> I'm also concerned that this is a "yes, fix this bug" switch.  Under
>> what circumstances would one NOT want a headline, a section heading,
>> or indeed an entire paragraph to be wrapped such that all lines are of
>> similar length?  Wouldn't it be better to encourage browsers to
>> implement better algorithms *which are on by default*?
> A good intro on where you would/wouldn’t use each:

I'm not a designer, but? The example presented of "worse with balance
on" looks better to me with balance on.

Still, I wouldn't be opposed to a specification along the lines of

    text-wrap: normal

        Default behavior: break lines as typically appropriate for
        body copy.  There is no constraint on the number of words
        on the last line of each paragraph.

    text-wrap: balance-lines

        As 'normal', but make the last line of each paragraph of
        similar length to the others.  This is often the desired
        behavior for headings, pull quotes, and centered text.

which I think captures the desired destinction, but says nothing that
would require the use of a specific algorithm for either mode.


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