Re: CSS, DRY, and Code Optimization

Le 2014-10-09 09:38, Jens O. Meiert a écrit :
> Not to toot horns but as a distant follow-up to earlier discussions
> around CSS complexity [1] and fragmentation [2]:
> In short, but I’d wish the article to share the necessary detail,
> there’s long been a tendency for many web developers to forget to
> optimize style sheets, something that primarily makes them “WET,” and
> I think that issue justifies becoming a bigger concern for the group
> here.
> (I’m in a travel sprint and on and off in case this raises other
> questions, so I just wish to share what I deem points that don’t get
> as much coverage as they may deserve.)
> Cheers,
>  Jens.
> [1] 
> [2] 

CSS was originally designed to reduce code and to encourage (or favor) 
code re-use. Today, it's the opposite that prevails overwhelmingly on 
the web. A majority of author style sheets have useless and pointless 
redeclarations and multiple redefinitions. Also we see use of CSS resets 
very often for no reason - that is for no *good* reason - .

There is such a thing as bloated CSS code.

Ignorance of user agent style sheets does not explain everything. 
Overall, web designers are "visual control freaks" and pursueing 
pixel-perfect chimera.


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