Re: Interop: Floaters and BFC within inline-blocks

On Friday 2014-10-03 02:48 +0000, Greg Whitworth wrote:
> I'm reviving this thread as we are wanting to get to the bottom of this interop issue regarding floats in a shrink to fit box. I'm going to start off with a simple example showing the default of how these work and then when it falls apart and creates and interop issue.
> Starting off simple: (IE/FF/Chrome agree)
> Next we add a non-floated div with a 2px border, this is not a BFC so nothing changes: (IE/FF/Chrome agree)
> Now we add an additional floater before our 2px bordered div and this is where FF/Chrome seem to promote that 2px div to a BFC and IE does not:

I don't see why you think something has become a BFC.  I'm also not
sure what the behavior difference you're pointing out is, since it's
hard for me to run IE.  Could you post screenshots?

As far as intrinsic width calculation behavior for content
containing floats:  I don't think Gecko's behavior is great, but
it's the downside of having an intrinsic width behavior that can be
calculated without doing layout.  That said, I believe Gecko's
heuristics for intrinsic width for content containing floats are not
great, but I'm hesitant to change them without knowing that such
changes will help move browsers together.  If you have a proposal
for how to define the intrinsic widths of content containing floats,
in a way that doesn't involve doing layout, and that you've shown
are compatible with Web content to the extent that you're shipping
IE with them, I'd be extremely interested in seeing those proposals.

I believe the working group did agree at one point that we would
accept intrinsic width behavior for floats being suboptimal in order
to have a definable behavior for intrinsic widths.  In other words,
it has to involve either layout or heuristics, and doing it by doing
layout was hard to implement and bad for performance, so we'd have


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