[css-grid] Interactions between min/max-content and min/max-width

In section 10.5 of the specs, the "Grow All Tracks To Their Max" step
literally says:

"For the purpose of this step: if sizing the grid container under a
max-content constraint, the free space is infinite; if sizing under a
min-content constraint, the free space is zero."

If I am not wrong that's not always accurate, I'm thinking in two cases
in particular:

- grid container sized under max-content with a "definite" max-size.
Instead of infinity I guess we should respect the max-size.
- grid container sized under min-content with a "definite" min-size. In
this case instead of non distributing anything, I guess we should try to
fulfill the min-size restriction.

Are those assumptions correct?


PS: I'm not sure if "definite" applies also to min/max-size, but I'm
using it in the sense of definite length.

Received on Friday, 21 November 2014 11:32:36 UTC