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[css-pseudo] ::selection issues

From: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 00:50:49 -0500
Message-ID: <5462F539.8090107@inkedblade.net>
To: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
1. We discussed adding ::spelling-error and ::grammar-error alongside ::selection,
    but there was no resolution at the F2F. Do we want to add these?

2. The current list of acceptable properties is
    - color
    - background-color
    - cursor
    - outline
    - text-decoration
    - text-emphasis-color (but not text-emphasis)
    - text-shadow

    a. Are these acceptable?
    b. Should any other properties be added?
    c. All but the first two are currently optional. Should any others be required?

3. All four browser engines drop the OS colors with when either of 'color'
    or 'background-color' is unspecified. This means we have to violate
    dbaron's #2 requirement (that the OS colors be representable as a UA
    style rule):

    Given that, I'm assuming this is a Web-compat requirement.
    Shall this be required behavior?

4. Most implementations currently draw the text decoration with its
    original color. This looks super weird, so I'm thinking we
    should require using the selection-specified color (when
    there is one), which is what IE does. Are there any concerns with


5. If a ::selection rule specifies inheritance, does it inherit from its
    originating element (i.e. the unselected text) or does it inherit from
    the parent ::selection?
      a. Presto implements inheritance from the parent ::selection
      b. Gecko/Blink implement inheritance from the originating element
      c. IE does half and half.

    The interesting question here for authors is probably less about
    inheritance and more about "how do you erase a rule". If we go with
    Gecko/Blink, then the 'unset' keyword is the only way to have a
    previously-styled special::selection use the same colors as its

    We could also leave this undefined for now, since it's unlikely to
    matter to authors (as long as 'unset' is implemented).

    What does the WG prefer?
      A. inherit from parent ::selection
      B. inherit from originating element
      C. undefined
      D. Need to ask my dev team what they think, I'll take an action
         to do that, so give me more time.

6. What to do wrt the CSSOM section?
     A. Keep as-is it for FPWD.
     B. Drop it for FPWD, replace it with an issue that we need an OM.
     C. Fix these issues [...] or drop these features [...] and then
        publish FPWD.
     D. Hang on, need more time to review.

7. All implementations draw text-shadow over the selection color.
    This does not seem user-friendly, particularly when that shadow
    is an incompatible color. Some options:
      A. Add this UA style rule or its equivalent effect:
           :root::selection { text-shadow: none; }
      B. Draw text-shadow underneath the selection background.
      C. Leave as-is, we like it.
    (I prefer option A.)

I've done no testing on OSX. Anyone there want to fill us in on any
implementation differences that should factor into the discussion?

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