[CfC] adding 'rebeccapurple' color to CSS Color Level 4

(co-chair hat on)

Following a proposal sent to social media, it is suggested
to add the named color 'rebeccapurple', for value #663399, to
CSS Color Level 4. This is a tribute to Eric Meyer's daughter
who recently passed away and a mark of support from all the
Web community to Eric. I requested to ping Eric to be absolutely
sure he is ok with this; he responded "he was honored by the gesture,
and would love to accept it".

Some implementors (Mozilla, Apple, Google and Microsoft) have already
said they will implement and ship the new value.

So this is a Call for Consensus on that proposal.

Unless there is an objection in reply to the present message
before this friday 11:59pm pacific time, I will declare consensus and
the value will be added to CSS Color Level 4.



Received on Thursday, 19 June 2014 15:05:24 UTC