Re: [css-ruby] Should CSS Ruby be consistent with HTML5 Ruby?

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> On 01/09/2014 08:15 AM, Taichi KAWABATA wrote:
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> > Actually, in HTML5 ruby, ruby-base-container may be split by ruby texts
> > (e.g. <ruby>A<rt>a</rt>B</rt>b</ruby>), and thus they are described as a
> > list of DOM ranges. I'm afraid that the existance fo ruby-base-container
> > may cause a misunderstanding that ruby bases exist as a single DOM range.

> In the current CSS ruby model, this creates two ruby-base-containers,
> and two ruby-text-containers, each containing one ruby base/text box.

> To put two ruby bases in a single ruby-base-container, you must place
> them side by side:

>   <ruby><rb>A<rb>B<rt>a<rt>b</ruby>

I see. So, in case of Jukugo Ruby interleaved by <rt>/<rb> cases, as
shown in "Use Case" #4.2
(, Ruby-Text in one Ruby
Segment may overlap with the adjcent Ruby Segment?

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