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> On 01/06/2014 12:56 AM, Dirk Schulze wrote:
>> After reading the latest version of CSS Fragmentation, I think it
>> makes sense to let ‘box-decoration-break’[1] affect the breaking
>> behavior for masking and clipping as well.
> I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I don't have really an
> informed opinion on this. The only thing I'm fairly (80%?) sure
> about is that Shapes and Masking should have the same behavior.
> Can you summarize what are, in your mind, the arguments for/against
> having box-decoration-break affect masking+clipping?

To separate things first: As the name 'box-decoration-break’ indicates, the idea of this property is to influence decorations on breaks. background and borders are clearly the main target of this property. I strongly believe masking and clipping can be interpreted as decoration. Shapes on the other hand belongs to layout and I would not assume it to count as decoration. Therefore, the box-decoration-break property does not apply to shapes.

That said, I agree that the behavior on box-decoration-break: slice; on clipping/masking should be the same as for shapes.

I wrote two articles to explore possible solutions how to break clipping paths.

“Fragmentation of masked and clipped content – Part 1” [1]
“Fragmentation of masked and clipped content – Part 2” [2]

* The first article views breaks on equally sized fragment containers. (The first consideration there seems to be what CSS Fragmentations intended.)
* The second article views breaks on differently sized fragment containers. This is probably the interesting part which is not covered by CSS Fragmentation.

I think that backgrounds and borders should basically follow what we come up with for clipping and masking.

I tend to the third consideration on [2] with setting the width individually for each fragment container.



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