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Re: [css-masking][css4-background][css-images] 9-part sliced images (was: [css4-background] 9-part slicing images in background-image)

From: Dirk Schulze <dschulze@adobe.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 18:28:32 +0000
To: Brad Kemper <brad.kemper@gmail.com>
CC: Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage@gmail.com>, "liam@w3.org" <liam@w3.org>, "Rik Cabanier" <cabanier@gmail.com>, Jet Villegas W3C <w3c@junglecode.net>, "Dean Jackson" <dino@apple.com>, www-style list <www-style@w3.org>, Simon Fraser <simon.fraser@apple.com>
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On Jan 4, 2014, at 2:05 AM, Brad Kemper <brad.kemper@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Jan 3, 2014, at 12:06 PM, "Tab Atkins Jr." <jackalmage@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Liam, searching for "16 slice scaling¡± gives no results for 16 slice scaling but exclusively for ¡°9 slice scaling¡±. I fear that 16 tiles is too complex to handle for authors anyway. I am not even sure which graphics tool does support 16 tiles today. Do you have more information about current support for 16 slice scaling in productive tooling?
>> We have definitely discussed a 5x5 image-slicing syntax for
>> border-image and for sliced images in general, in addition to the
>> current 3x3.  As Liam points out, it has precedent in page margin
>> boxes with good reason, and is used in print a decent bit.
> Yep. Even 5x3 would be go a long way, but 5x5 would be even better. Here are a few examples:
> http://www.makeyourmarkstamps.co.uk/cms_media/images/500x500_fitbox-p1803_84x56l.jpg (5x3)
> http://www.clker.com/cliparts/f/9/8/3/12746343281334720088art_nouveau_ink_picture_frame_by_enchantedgal_stock-md.png (imagine small stretching tiles in between the corner tiles and the edge-centered tiles)
> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bmZQj9ZSWqw/TsycElFcpaI/AAAAAAAABaA/SF7AQ9ywcgI/s1600/frame2.jpg

> http://cdn.vectorstock.com/i/composite/18,72/calligraphy-ornamental-decorative-frame-with-heart-vector-691872.jpg


The examples look very reasonable. The proposed syntax can be extended to support more tiles. I think we should continue with 3x3 and slowly extend the syntax as needed.

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