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> On Thu, 2014-01-02 at 21:40 -0800, Rik Cabanier wrote:
> [...]
>> Ok, I see. This is not about implementing 9-slice scaling; you're defining
>> a new image function that can do everything that border-image does (which
>> includes 9-slice scaling)
>> You probable want to add the 'fill' keyword as well [1]
>> 1:
> If border-image were to be extended I'd for sure want to see more
> traditional 16-part border images (plus middle) - they are like the
> 9-part we have now but with centre images in each segment, and allowing
> the extensible parts between corner and middle to differ on each side of
> centre:

Liam, searching for "16 slice scaling” gives no results for 16 slice scaling but exclusively for “9 slice scaling”. I fear that 16 tiles is too complex to handle for authors anyway. I am not even sure which graphics tool does support 16 tiles today. Do you have more information about current support for 16 slice scaling in productive tooling?


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> and so on all round. This is what has traditionally been used in print,
> and I don't see why the Web should be second-class.  Yes, there are more
> complex borders used in print, and simpler ones, but once you get more
> than sixteen segments you're into SVG or images, there's very little
> commonality after that. Plus it would get too complex for authors!
> The 16-part model is also found in CSS today in Paged media for running
> headers and footers, so there is precedent and even names for the
> various segments.
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