Re: I18N-ISSUE-341: [css3-background] border-left-* and border-right-* [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders]

On 02/20/2014 01:55 PM, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> I18N-ISSUE-341: [css3-background] border-left-* and border-right-* [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders]
> Raised by: Addison Phillips
> On product: CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders
> Document:
> Section 4. Similar to I18N-ISSUE-340, should there be a border-start-*
> and border-end-* set of keywords, allowing one to control the
> leading/trailing edge of borders dependent on the container direction?
> This issued was discussed by I18N WG here:

I do consider this to be an open issue and one that I'd like to
resolve, but logical properties are out of scope for Backgrounds
and Borders L3.

Thanks for keeping the pressure on, we'll hopefully get to them!


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