Re: I18N-ISSUE-340: [css3-background] Lack of "start" and "end" keywords [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders]

On 02/20/2014 01:52 PM, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> I18N-ISSUE-340: [css3-background] Lack of "start" and "end" keywords [CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders]
> Raised by: Addison Phillips
> On product: CSS3-Backgrounds-and-Borders
> Document:
> Section 3.6 "Positioning Images", the keywords "left" and "right"
> are defined but not the direction-independent "start" and "end"
> keywords.
> We feel that there might be cases where one might want to set
> the start or end edge of a background or of a border in which
> the starting edge is determined based on the container's direction.
> The I18N WG discussed this item here:

Dear i18nWG,
   We will not be adding anything to Backgrounds and Borders L3;
the current LC is just to handle some small adjustments to
existing features. But we will be adding these keywords to L4.
If they're not in the FPWD when we publish that, feel free to
complain. :)


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