Re: Status of a few CSS properties

On 01/23/2014 05:09 PM, Jens O. Meiert wrote:
>>> * appearance, formerly at
>> This I believe will need to be standardized with a 'none' and a
>> not-'none' value. The others were not successful. No idea wrt
>> spec status, Tantek's supposed to be dealing with this module.
>>> * punctuation-trim,
>>> * text-space-collapse,
>>> * text-wrap,
>> These were deferred to CSS Text L4.
>>> * text-outline, formerly at
>> This will be replaced with a spec defining the use of SVG's
>> 'stroke' properties when applied to CSS. Also, text-shadow
>> with a spread value (coming in L4) can have the same effect.
> Thanks Elika! With respect to pointing these out in a property
> index/overview, which of these properties do you think should be
> included, i.e. are “safe” to point to (keep pointing to, to be
> precise)? Right now it seems likely that text-space-collapse and
> text-wrap would make it, but how probable do you think it is that the
> other three will make it?

I wouldn't include any of the Text L4 stuff.'


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